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Exclusive Silver Impregnated Membrane Filter 

A New Antibacterial, Anti-contaminate Technology

Silver has been long recognized as antibacterial & anti-contaminations agents in human history. A single antibiotics capsule we generally get from our prescription kill approximately 6 kinds commonly known of bacteria. 

Studies show that Silver along (Ag +) can kill more than 600 kinds of bacteria, and serves as anti-contaminants, commonly use today in the Medical industries to “prevent contamination in Surgical equipments. In addition, silver is a nontoxic material, and is a widely used material in human history. Through our exclusive coating technology in our Silver Impregnated Membrane of the PurifiCup, the result of silver layer is highly active in eliminating bacteria. The PurifiCup silver Impregnated membrane filter is a powerful guardian for the quality of drinking water.
Silver membrane also proven containing a strong oxidation reagent, which target pathogens such as Escherichia coli (commonly known as “E-Coli), Staphylococcus aureus, Klebsiella pneumoniae and Pseudomonas aeruginosa. 

In controlled experiments, the silver membrane eliminates up to 99.99% of bacteria in the medium owing to its unique physical property and its interaction with biological systems. By oxidizing the sulphur functional group on the surface protein of common pathogens, the Nano silver coating destroys the cell wall of common pathogens. Unlike other commercially available sanitizer, Nano silver has the following advantages. It has powerful sanitizing capability. It does not induce drug resistance in pathogen. It is not stimulating and does not cause allergy. It is not sensitive to PH level. 

With our technology, it dramatically increases the sterilizing effect resulting about 200 times stronger than traditional coating. The mechanism for the antibacterial effect of silver is the following; when the positively charged silver particle collides with negatively charged bacterial cell wall, it will instantly adhere to the cell wall and effectively disrupt the growth mechanism, causing bacterial lysis. Furthermore, silver can cause bacterial protein to denature, thus effect the metabolism of the pathogens. The pathogens are no longer able to respire, multiply and metabolize, and creating a difficult environment for pathogens to survive.


CDC-FACTS (Crypto, Girdia, EColi)

  • Please see CDC website (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) (1st paragraph) PurifiCup® is One micron filter as CDC suggusted effective against bacteria such as(Crypto Cryptosporidium, Giardia).
  • Please see independent research publications to help everyone understand about the technology of Silver, and its facts: 
  • 1) an excerpt of the Digest Journal of Nano-materials and Bio-structures.  Vol.5. research report on Nano Silver-Coated water filter: Evaluation of Antimicrobial efficiency Please note: Page 800-802 Microscopic images of elimination of E.Coli, and page 803 on Conclusion. Direct link to the publication here: note Reference, (W.H.O) – World Health Organization, Guidelines for drinking-water quality.
  • 2) independent research done recently in Switzerland from Environmental Science & Technology. I had High-lighted on 1st page for your easy referencing (an actual page of the publication is on page: 1177). It’s truly a none-bias research on Silver technology.  Please see attached PDF, or go directly to the link here:,%20Krug,%20Height%20(2011).pdf      
  • (the 2nd article was published recently on Jan 10th 2011 by – American Chemical Society for Environmental Science & Technology. Please See footnote, this is the most up to date independent research.)
  • Silver membrane “breaks down the Cell wall of bacteria”, and destroys it, our filter construction also “PREVENTS Contamination” inside of the filter housing.  Silver technologies are commonly used in Medical fields to Prevent contamination after sanitation of surgical tools & equipments.  
  • PurifiCup® 3rd Party testing certification by SGS   (Lab report on page 6-8 in SS below). 
  • PurifiCup® is WRAS Certified. 

Download more info:

imgScience Digest (Silver kills 650) Extract March,1978.pdf

img SGSCertificationPurifiCupNaturalWaterSeries.pdf

img SGSCertificationPurifiCupTAPWaterSeries.pdf


img NSFCertificate.pdf

imgWRAS Certificate.pdf Everything Nanosilver and More.pdf

img Digest Journal of Nano- materials and Bio- structures. (excarpt) Vol. 5 research recrt on Nano Silver- Coated water filter Evaluation of Antimicrobial efficiency .pdf

img Environmental Science & Technology (Excerpt) 120 Years of Nanosilver History, Nowack, Krug, Height (2011).pdf

imgUser Instructions.pdf

The Global Source Silver Institute: Silver in Nanotechnology

heterotrophic bacteria HPC2005Heterotrophic Bacteria HPC 2005.pdf

EAP-Drinking Water ContaminantsEPA - Drinking Water Contaminants

CA SB 657CA SB 657



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