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Privacy Policy

Personal information

We do not share any personal information as personal information is only required upon order placement and the information provided is used solely for order processing.

Please make sure that the page(s) you are viewing is/are secure (a lock is displayed at the bottom of the browser) upon providing personal information, such as address, phone number, credit card information, etc. to any internet retailer, including 



 We use cookies to store information that you provide while visiting our site. However, we do not store personal information in the cookies as personal information is not accessible on the site with the use of a cookie. We do not use cookies to track your surfing habits nor allow others to track them through the means of cookies. 


Email addresses

Your email address is used for login and verification purposes when creating an account. We will not send you unwanted emails. Upon checkout, you may choose to not be included in any mailing lists when you sign up for an account and you may also exclude yourself at a later time. Under no circumstance, unless with your consent, will we sell or give your email address to any third parties. 


Third party information collection

We do not allow any third party to collect any information during your visit to our site. 


Information collection

For customer service purposes, we keep logs of page views and logins on our site. We never share this statistical information with any outside parties. 


Offensive material and children’s content

We use our best efforts to maintain that offensive material of any kind will not be posted on our site. We respect others and their opinions but reserve the right to moderate message boards and the like in order to keep the site acceptable to all customers. No part of this site is aimed towards children nor is offensive to children. 


How do we maintain your security online?

We use encrypted communication for all transmission of sensitive data. This means that the complete ordering process; from the time that you enter your email address (either as new or existing customer), until you receive your order confirmation number, is conducted so that if another party were eavesdropping, it would take many years to break the code. The 128-bit encryption we use is currently the strongest available and recommended to date. Please note that some older browsers may only support low encryption (40-bit). This is easier to break than 128-bit, however, would still take years for a hacker to break.

To check whether your browser uses low or high encryption, you can move the mouse over the lock in the status bar at the bottom of your browser. While going from the shopping cart page to the checkout page, a lock in the status bar can be seen on the bottom of your browser. You may click on this lock to see information about the certificate and the issuer. None of the pages in the checkout are available without the lock displayed in the status bar. 


Personal ID/Credit card numbers

We do not store personal ID numbers. If you are required to submit it, it is only use for encrypted check towards an information provider during ordering to determine credit worthiness. If payment is submitted using a bank/credit card, we store the number, although, it is only available through encrypted communication, even for administrative purposes. 


Sale/transfer of personal information

The information provided to us upon order placement is solely used during/for the processing of your order. We never send personal information to a third party without your consent, unless required by law. 


About our policies

The current privacy policy, as well as general terms and conditions and contact information, are always posted through links on the main page. Please contact us during normal business hours if you have any questions. Our contact information is provided on the “Contact Us” link listed at the Home page.

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